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Are there positives with COVID-19?

The COVID-19 pandemic caused countless tragic events. But what can we learn from current experiences for our future?

The global impact of COVID-19 is enormous. It caused hundreds of thousands of deaths, millions of people got infected and just about the entire world population had to deal with lockdowns, social distancing and social isolation. While we have to deal with all these bad news, we should also look at the positive consequences. What has changed for the better for you?

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What has emerged from the project?

These potentials are cool!


Climate change gets slowed down

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One of the remarkable effects is changes in nature. CO2 emissions are decreasing significantly, cities are experiencing better air quality and worldwide wildlife, and even biodiversity is slowly returning. Of course, this state will not last, but the possibility of counteracting climate change seems to be closer than one might think.


We stick together

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The pandemic triggers a sense of cohesion and solidarity, even if past pandemics have often led to xenophobia and conflict. COVID-19 has had an impact on current wars, which once again shows that humanity sees the pandemic as a common enemy. Also, with physical contact not being possible, people manage to strengthen and support each other, for example, in a digital way.


Digitalization gets pushed to the next level

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COVID-19 is a major disruptive factor to the global economy, which means that many companies need to be creative in order to continue operating. The circumstances lead to massive innovation and also to an acceleration of digitalization. One example is that many restaurants and cafΓ©s now accept online orders and set up contactless card payment. Some companies can use this experience to redefine their business model.


More time for family and friends

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The COVID-19 pandemic has slowed down our lives. This gives us the chance to spend more time with family and friends but also allows us to recover old friendships via video calls and messages. Even if this state will not continue indefinitely, we have learned how important this is to us.


Humans care more about their hygiene

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Through the strict hygiene measures implemented during the pandemic, people are becoming more aware of how vital hygiene can be for themselves and others. For us humans as social beings, it is essential to closely interact with one another. We are learning how we can do this in a more safe and hygienic way to protect ourselves and those around us.


Remote working is becoming the norm

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Working remotely was already popular before the pandemic. But the forced changeover has made it possible for a larger group to see all the advantages behind this way of working. For companies, geographical location is suddenly no longer a factor when it comes to hiring talents. There is no doubt that the world of work will change for the better in the future.


Humans appreciate the small things again

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Whenever we see something collapse, we humans begin to appreciate small things. COVID-19 reminds us once again not to take the essential features of our lives for granted. Hopefully, we will continue to be more grateful for our quality of life than before the pandemic.


We understand how to tackle problems

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The pandemic has taught us that problems can be overcome much quicker if they are brought directly to people’s attention. People often need to experience problems themselves in order to react appropriately. This is probably because, like any being, we care much about our own well-being. One example is that we are now feeling the impact on the environment, which makes awareness of climate change much more tangible. Hopefully, this effect will help to tackle problems together in the future.